Glenn's Software To Do List
The following is an incomplete list of known issues, bugs and possible future enhancements to my eclectic software. Please note that not all issues will be addressed. Bugs will be fixed eventually if I can reproduce them. Ideas for future enhancements may or may not eventuate. Things marked as Done will be available in the next release. Things marked as CR means I can't reproduce the problem.
Auto Ftp v2
Bug: Occasionally crashes during connection. Still trying to reproduce it. Most likely connection dropped.
Bug: Possible crash on network/connection failure.
Bug: Sustained file monitoring is bad. Possibly Windows failure or memory leak. Rewrite file monitoring using alternative method.
Enhancement: Ensure detect mode also detects new and deleted files as well as modified files.
Bug: Select Hide, Restore, Minimise causes AV.
Bug: Detect Changes is causing problems after running for several days.
Enhancement: Detect only new files, not modified ones.
Enhancement: Option to use a specified file list instead of wildcards.
Enhancement: Option to remove files after sending.
Desktop Calendar
Bug: Highlight needs to go away quicker.
Enhancement: Move the navigation buttons up if the last row of days is not used.
Enhancement: Print out reminders or at least in a printable format (text,csv etc) to clipboard.
Enhancement: Research the feasability of scrolling by week.
Enhancement: Configurable reminder time. eg #days prior to date.
Enhancement: Add a to do list not associated with dates.
Enhancement: Make it sense the background and appear in contrasting colours.
Enhancement: Option to hide the navigation buttons. Toggle via context menu.
Enhancement: Option to hide reminders. Toggle via context menu.
Enhancement: Option for non transparent background.
Enhancement: Make sure tooltips continue to work even when the application doesn't have focus.
Bug: To do list dates still need more space.
Bug: Investigate apparent blinking.
Bug: The dates in the regular reminders can sometimes be off by a century. Possibly a bug in the date picker.
Bug: The regular.dat should be a plain text file.
Bug: Century rounding rollover on regular reminders. eg a reminder entered as 1952 becomes 2052. Years must be 2 digit somewhere and a conversion is giving the wrong century.
Bug: Windows date settings of 2 digit year is upsetting things.
Bug: Regular reminders data file should be in plain text format.
Bug: Can single and regular reminders be consolidated into single reminder system where single reminders have an interval of none.
Desktop Info
Bug: Doesn't appear to work within a users terminal session. Works fine as Administrator.
Enhancement: Network connection name instead of device name on nic.
Enhancement: Position different items to different areas of the screen.
Enhancement: Optional audio to alarms.
Enhancement: Add "exclude" option to the top process items.
Enhancement: Add font colour, size etc to item attributes.
Enhancement: Support IPv6.
Enhancement: Option for word wrap.
Enhancement: Display DNS suffix.
Enhancement: Display mapped network drives.
Enhancement: Add item to run command script or VB script and return the console output.
Enhancement: Option in 'top' items to filter similar to network adapter filter.
Enhancement: When a VM is connected to a VPN, throws multiple array range check errors.
Enhancement: Test on dual independant monitors.
Enhancement: Windows start time and main path time.
Enhancement: Add a 'tail' type to the file monitor. Display last line of the file when the write time changes.
Enhancement: Get key/value from a given ini file. Useful for updating contact values via group policy.
Disk Usage Analyser 3
Bug: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at DiskUsageAnalyser.Tools.GetWorkgroup(String& name). suppress error when workgroup fails.
Enhancement: Add SMTP server to accept outbound email from configured accounts and add to outbound queue.
Enhancement: Add account option to enable/disable relaying.
Enhancement: Implement delayed send option for outbound emails.
Enhancement: Add account option to modify account preferences via email.